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To All Boholanos Worldwide

     Greetings!  I would like to share with you my joy on seeing Boholanos bonding with that well-known Boholano cohesiveness to make them feel closer to home.

     I personally experienced this phenomenon when I flew to Bonn, Germany accompanied by Mrs. Bohol International 2006, Mrs. Socorro S. Parras, to witness the crowning of the first Mrs. Bohol-Europe, Rica Ligan, 1st and 2nd Runner-Ups Hilda Reif (Talibon) and Teresita Lippold (Alburquerque.  Marilyn Bactasa (Pilar) was Mrs. Charity with Prisca Schelinger (Sevilla), her runner-up.  One is profoundly by their oneness in a foreign land.

     The TBTK spirit has created and generated ripples reaching the farthest part of the globe so that we expect to meet personalities long lost to us come TBTK 2009.

     Before the commemoration of the 111th birthday of the pride of Bohol, the late President Carlos Polistico Garcia, I met Carla, his granddaughter, and I recalled Congressman Edgar M. Chatto petitioning the National Historical Commission to declare the CPG home in Tagbilaran City a historical monument to the great Boholano.  TBTK could pick this up as a meaningful project.  This is easily doable if we work together - at heart, in mind and with soul and resources.

     We've started the countdown to TBTK 2009.  Let's make sure we're all counted.  Nothing compares with the power of our presence.  So start extending those invites to come home.  We don't want to miss anyone.

     See you all at the Tigum !


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Updated: July 04, 2009